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Autumn and Abundance
NEW Pre-Mounted Xuan and Mulberry Papers!
NEW Semi-Sized Colored Xuan Papers
The Perfect Gentleman - Restocked!
Chrysanthemum, the Gentleman of Autumn
New Chrysanthemum Lesson on Semi-Sized Gold Paper
How to Streamline Gift Giving
Paint Your Own Cards and Japanese Etegami Postcards - Perfect for the Holidays

The Metaphor of Pie and Big Pie Thinking!

by Evan Yeh

Pomegranate Painting on our new Pre-Mounted Xuan Paper

The Metaphor of the Pie

Oftentimes, when we look at resources we think about the metaphor of a pie. When a pie is sliced we can see what seems to be a scarce resource divided up. Many of us have had this experience in our lives where we receive a slice of pie and immediately compare the size of our slice to the slice that another has received.

This is such a common metaphor for the economic distribution of resources that almost all of us are familiar with it. When we think there is only a pie of limited size, a bunch of potential sources of stress can arise when we begin to divide the pie. What does it mean if I get a smaller slice of pie? Does it mean that my mother who baked the pie, prefers my sibling over me? Am I being punished for something that I did wrong?

Growing the Pie Versus Cutting the Pie

In most resource scenarios it is of tremendous benefit to think about growing the resource rather than dividing a scarce resource. As someone who works in the dance industry where individual private lessons are the preferred method of learning and teaching, it is very easy to fall into “small pie” thinking.

Teachers who believe that students are scarce and that it is very difficult to get new students can ruthlessly compete for the students that exist. They expend tremendous amount of energy bad mouthing other teachers sharing stories about how they are defective in ability or character.

What they do not realize is that all this interpersonal nastiness produces an environment that is repellent to new students and their “small pie” thinking creates a reality where there are only a limited amount of students who can tolerate all the in-fighting to pursue their passion for dance.

On the other hand, the behavior would be very different if they thought there was an abundance of students and they focused on the types of students that they enjoyed and were best suited at teaching. This thinking is metaphorically growing the pie where the size of the slices are unimportant because the pie is so large that everyone can enjoy as much pie as they wish to eat.

Pie Metaphor in Art

The good thing about art is that it is less susceptible to this kind of small pie thinking than many other activities. The quality of art is almost universally thought of as existing in the eye of the beholder. As a community of people with a shared passion for Asian brush painting, it is worthwhile for us to joyfully share out appreciation for the art form with those around us to grow the interest and expand the community of people who are aware and are participating in the art form as artists, students, teachers and patrons.

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New Pre-Mounted Papers

No more wrinkles or buckling after you paint on these papers. After you finish your painting, they’re ready to be framed!

Pre-Mounted Xuan (L) and Pre-Mounted Mulberry (R)

Pre-Mounted Xuan Paper

This pre-mounted paper paints similarly to a double xuan, and shows incredible depth of color. It’s especially good for flowers, birds, fish, low-moisture landscapes, the four gentlemen, and more!

PS423-10: 10 Full Sheets (13” x 25 ½” approx.) $25

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Pre-Mounted Mulberry Paper

This pre-mounted paper handles moisture and intense colors well. It is especially good for landscape paintings, waterfalls, mountains, mists, and Ling-Nan style of painting.

PS427-10: 10 Full Sheets (13” x 25 ½” approx.) $25

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PS427SQ-10: 10 Square Sheets (13” x 13” approx.) $10

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Please Note: All orders including these new Pre-Mounted and/or Semi-Sized Colored Papers will be shipped by UPS Ground services even if Priority Mail is selected.

Burnt Sienna (Top), Gold (Middle), and Jade Green (Bottom)

NEW Semi-Sized Colored Xuan - Buy Any 2 Get Any 1 Free!

Imagine combining the moisture control and durability of a semi-sized paper with the striking color of colored xuan paper. This is what you get with our new Semi-Sized Colored Xuan paper. Paint anything on these papers - from landscapes to flowers, to the four gentlemen, to animals and even figures.

When you buy any two of of our new Semi-Sized Colored Xuan Paper Packages (5 full sheets), get one for free! Simply add any three packages to your order and calculate the price for two! (You can choose any three colors. E.g. 3 Jade Green; 2 Burnt Sienna and 1 Gold; 1 of each, etc.)

Dimensions of Full Sheet: 27” x 54”

P04-403A: 5 Full Sheets of Burnt Sienna $15

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P04-403B: 5 Full Sheets of Gold $15

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P04-403C: 5 Full Sheets of Jade Green $15

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Please Note: All orders including these new Pre-Mounted and/or Semi-Sized Colored Papers will be shipped by UPS Ground services even if Priority Mail is selected.

New Semi-Sized Colored Xuan and Pre-Mounted Paper Assorted Roll

The assorted roll includes 2 sheets of the following papers:

  • Fan Paper: 13-3/8” x 13-3/8”
  • Pre-Mounted Moon Paper: 13” x 13” approx.
  • Square Pre-Mounted Mulberry Paper: 13” x 13” approx.
  • Long Pre-Mounted Mulberry Paper: 13” x 25 ½” approx.
  • Pre-Mounted Plain Xuan Paper: 13” x 25 ½” approx.
  • Burnt Sienna Semi-Sized Colored Xuan: 13½” x 27¼” approx.
  • Green Semi-Sized Colored Xuan: 13½” x 27¼” approx.
  • Gold Semi-Sized Colored Xuan: 13½” x 27¼” approx.

A total of 16 sheets (2 each of 8 different types of new paper) will allow you to sample all the exciting new papers!

PAS2: Pre-Mounted and Semi-Sized Colored Xuan Assorted Roll (2 Sheets Each of 8 Types of Paper) $45

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Please Note: All orders including this assorted roll will be shipped by UPS Ground services even if Priority Mail is selected.

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The Perfect Gentleman Has Returned!

The Perfect Gentleman on Burnt Sienna Semi-Sized Colored Xuan

The Perfect Gentleman Brush

This brush is back due to popular demand. Get yours before they sell out!

Tip Dimensions: 1- 3/8” x 9/32”

HSP03: The Perfect Gentleman Brush $20

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Chrysanthemum, the Gentleman of Autumn

Book of the Chrysanthemum by Johnson Su-Sing Chow

Book of the Chrysanthemum by Johnson Su-Sing Chow

The Chrysanthemum doesn’t bloom until early autumn and is one of the last flowers to bloom before the frost sets in. It continues to bloom, even when other flowers begin to wither and fade. This Gentleman of Autumn is a symbol of fortitude, defying the chill of the changing seasons.

This book is an excellent resource for beginners, starting with the basic strokes necessary for painting chrysanthemum and building upon those strokes until you complete your own composition in spontaneous and fine line styles.

54 Pages, Chinese/English

M004: Book of the Chrysanthemum $15

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White Chrysanthemum by Ling Chi Yeh

Ling Chi uses our new Gold Semi-Sized Colored Xuan for a beginner-friendly lesson on Chrysanthemum. By using a semi-sized paper, strokes will be less absorbent, giving beginners more time to react to each stroke and eliminating some of the “panic” that many face when first trying Chinese Brush Painting.

GLS035: White Chrysanthemum by Ling Chi Yeh $6.95 (free with orders $50 or more)

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How to Streamline Gift Giving

Giving and receiving presents can be a source of distress and anxiety. When we don’t clearly communicate what we want, we end up with trinkets that end up in a junk drawer. Telling other people, “Don’t get me anything,” can be unhelpful if they intend to buy us something regardless.

I have found it helpful to realize that everyone shows love in different ways and some find great joy and satisfaction in buying a gift that they know their recipient will enjoy. Most of us will not actually go around telling people what we actually want, which is why I’ve found MyRegistry (myregistry. com) to be an extremely helpful tool!

You can create wish lists, linking to the exact page of the item you want, and you can mark items as “purchased” so that no one ends up with duplicate gifts(this feature is hidden from the owner of the wish list). This tool is now integrated into our website and you can add items to your wish list at the click of a button. (It will ask you to log in OR register with This account is separate from your account with

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Paint Your Own Cards & Japanese Etegami Postcards

Paint Your Own Cards

Personalized cards can be one of the most meaningful gifts you can give. The past couple of years I have painted on watercolor postcards and given them to friends and family as “thank you”, “happy birthday,” or even “just because” cards. They are received with such appreciation and they make the person feel so special that I created art with them in mind.

You can paint directly on these cards for a western watercolor paper feel or you can paste your own paintings on top of the card with glue.

If you have a stack of paintings lying around, paste them (or portions of them) onto these cards and brighten someone’s day!

Dimensions: 10” x 7” (Folded, the cards measure 5” x 7”)
No. of Cards and Envelopes: 10 Each

POC: Paint Your Own Cards - $12.95

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Japanese Etegami Postcards

You can use these Etegami postcards as a blank canvas to paint directly on or you can paste paintings (or parts of paintings) onto them. Both paint similarly to a double xuan (raw, but handle moisture well).

Dimensions: 5-7/8” x 3-15/16”

No. of Postcards: 10 (No envelopes included. Postcards’ opposing side follows Japanese address guidelines.)

Japanese Etegami Postcards - Double Xuan (Lavender)

This Double Xuan postcard is slightly off-white with fine linen lines. It is described as having two layers of absorbent xuan paper, giving it a sturdy feeling.

PYOET01: Etegami Postcard Double Xuan (Lavender) - $15

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Japanese Etegami Postcards - Gasenshi (Sage Green)

This cardstock is slightly thicker than the lavender label "Double Xuan" version. It's a brighter white and claims to be a three layer Xuan cardstock.

PYOET02: Etegami Postcard Gasenshi 3 (Sage Green) - $9

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