The Perfect Gentleman Brush

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Usage: Bamboo Leaves, Orchid Leaves, Tapered Strokes, Dynamic Strokes
Hair Type:
Specialty (Hard)
Hair Group: Traditionally Horse Hair
Tip Dimensions: 1- 3/8" x 9/32"
Limited quantities so get them while they last! Made of the same hairs as our very popular new Pine Needle brush, we asked our brush maker to create a more classically shaped brush with these same hairs. The result is a brush similar in size and shape to a Small Orchid Bamboo brush with slightly more bounce, energy and ability to finish strokes in a fine point.

Think about an orchid bamboo brush with just a dash of the type of energy and bounce that people like with a mountain horse brush. In other words, a slightly bouncier orchid bamboo brush.

We love this brush for painting lines, particularly the tapered line strokes that are so essential for orchid and bamboo leaves!

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