Oriental Art Supply

Oriental Art Supply (OAS) is a 50 year old family run business started by the Yeh family to share our 500 year old family tradition of Chinese Brush Painting with a growing community of enthusiasts, aspiring artists and appreciators of Asian culture all over the world.

We have three generations of Yeh Family members serving our customers here at OAS. Of course many people know our father Ning Yeh who is a world renowned, Emmy award winning artist, teacher and television personality. His reputation and following as a teacher has allowed us to build relationships with some of the finest suppliers in Asia. Our mother Ling Chi (a talented artist in her own right), always negotiates and navigates the tricky business environment of Asia producing our industry leading consistent quality of supplies and fair prices.

We as the second generation are excited to carry the torch of our treasured family tradition with Ja-Shin serving as the General Manager while Evan focuses on marketing and strategic direction. Ja-Shin's husband Keith manages our warehouse and shipping and their son Cody is developing invaluable skills of emptying trash cans and labeling chip colors.

As a family we are extremely proud to offer the best quality supplies for Chinese Brush Painting and Calligraphy at fair prices. We also strive to provide the best service to our customers. We are not just interested in selling supplies. Our goals is for each one of our customers to experience the joy of Chinese Brush Painting and Calligraphy. To this end we are always ready to share our experience, answer questions, and solve problems.

History of Oriental Art Supply

Oriental Art Supply began in the early 1970s with our father Ning Yeh teaching and demonstrating the Yeh family 500 year tradition of spontaneous style Chinese brush painting at local colleges, county fairs and senior communities in the Southern California area. From those humble beginnings, he built a worldwide following of students with many of his original students becoming influential teachers themselves.

When he first started teaching, he noticed that the biggest obstacle to his students enjoyment of Brush painting was a source of quality supplies. So he and our mother Ling Chi began importing small quantities of Chinese brushes and ink, color, and rice paper from Asia.

These activities slowly grew as my Father became more established as a teacher, not only teaching all over Southern California but also traveling to different parts of the U.S. teaching students and cultivating interest in Chinese painting and culture.

Thing really accelerated when my Father starred in a television series called Chinese Brush Painting with Ning Yeh. This series went on to win an Emmy award for Best Instructional Series and aired nationwide on the Learning Channel for a year.

To serve new students all over the country who were painting along with our Father on television, Ning and Ling Chi purchased the current location for OAS in Huntington Beach. After the initial run on the Learning Channel, our father Ning self-produced over 100 hours of additional video instruction that we offer streaming on demand at OASLife.

Now more than ever, we as a family are excited about the prospect of enriching people's lives by helping them enjoy the joy of Chinese painting, Calligraphy, and culture. This 500 year old family tradition our treasure to share with the world, and we are looking forward to spreading its joy to everyone who has an appreciation for it!