Semi-Sized Colored Xuan: Jade Green

SKU: P04-403C

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Usage: Chinese Brush Painting, Sumi-e, Calligraphy, Flowers, Birds, Landscapes, the Four Gentlemen
Paper Material: 
Xuan Paper
Semi-Sized / Semi-Processed (sometimes referred to as "Half-Cooked")
Semi-Absorbent. Similar to other semi-sized papers. It will paint drier than other colored xuan papers.
Dimensions: 27" x 54" approximately
No. of Sheets: 5 Full Sheets
Additional Information: Please note that the color on these papers may be uneven, due to the hand-dyed process.

This new Semi-Sized Colored Xuan is an incredible paper that offers the rich tone of colored xuan papers while giving you the moisture control that is often absent in raw papers.

Please be aware that the images that we provide is to aide in your purchase, but if an exact shade is needed, we welcome you to order a sample. Samples are available in approximate 8.5” x 11” sheets.

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