Pre-Mounted and Semi-Sized Colored Xuan Assorted Roll


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Colors may vary depending on your monitor settings.

Usage: Chinese Brush Painting, Calligraphy, Sumi-e, Scrapbooking
Material: Pre-Mounted Xuan; Pre-Mounted Mulberry; Semi-Sized Colored Xuan; Fan Paper
Treatment/Process: Pre-Mounted; Semi-Sized
Medium Absorbency

  • Fan Paper: 13 " x 13 "
  • Pre-Mounted Moon Paper: 13" x 13" approx.
  • Square Pre-Mounted Mulberry Paper: 13" x 13" approx.
  • Long Pre-Mounted Mulberry Paper: 13" x 25 ½" approx.
  • Pre-Mounted Xuan Paper: 13" x  25 ½" approx.
  • Burnt Sienna Semi-Sized Colored Xuan:  13½" x 27¼" approx.
  • Jade Green Semi-Sized Colored Xuan:  13½" x 27¼" approx.
  • Gold Semi-Sized Colored Xuan:  13½" x 27¼" approx.

No of Sheets: Total 16 Sheets (2 Sheets of Each Paper)
Additional Information: We're so excited to introduce these new pre-mounted and semi-sized papers!

These Pre-Mounted Xuan Papers paint similarly to a double xuan, allowing you to be spontaneous while offering the convenience of being pre-mounted. No more wrinkles or buckling after you paint on these papers. After you finish your painting, they're ready to be framed!

We're so excited to offer these beautiful new Semi-Sized Colored Xuan Papers! Oftentimes, beginners will shy away from colored xuan papers due to their rapid absorbency, but these are semi-sized and thus more forgiving with excess moisture. Please note that the color on these papers may be uneven, due to the hand-dyed process.

These papers can be used to paint flowers, landscapes, calligraphy, birds, the four gentlemen (plum blossom, orchid, bamboo, and chrysanthemum), fruits, vegetables, aquatic life, and more!

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