White Daisies with a Background Wash


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Another lesson exploring the possibilities with paper with a little sizing to enable the beginner or artist within to play with a white flower on white paper with a background wash.

The finished painting is 12 1/4" x 8 3/8". The following brushes can be used:
OAS Flow Brush and/or 
Lotus Petal Brush (for bigger petals)  
2" Wash Brush for background effect (go bigger if you're doing a bigger painting)

The paper is Pi Paper on the cover, but you can also use any paper with semi-sizing such as Jen Ho Paper, Water Dragon, Vintage Mulberry.  

Ink and Colors are:
Best Bottle Ink 
Sakura White
Dr Martin's Bleedproof White
Bright Light Colors: Vermillion, Sky Blue, Emerald Green, Black and Purple

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