Water Dragon Paper


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Overview and Description

Semi-sized mulberry style paper that paints similar to Dragon Cloud paper without the obvious visible fibers.

When we first were testing this paper, the first thing that came to mind was the phrase "fiberless Dragon Cloud." Many of us know, have painted on and come to appreciate Dragon Cloud paper. With its ability to control moisture and subtle visible fibers, the reputation of Dragon Cloud paper is well established.

Truth be told, as much as we love the visible fibers in Dragon Cloud paper, having a paper with the same qualities without the visible fibers would be more versatile.

Enter Water Dragon Paper. With an ability to handle excess moisture without bleeding, including taking a background wash, all while still showing good color vibrancy, Water Dragon Paper has impressed us!

This is a limited edition paper, so try some and if you like it make sure to get enough to make the body of work that you want to create with this lovely new paper.

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