Vintage Mulberry Paper

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Usage: Can be used for Chinese Brush Painting, Sumi-e, Wet-on-Wet Techniques, Washes, and Lingnan Style of Painting
Paper Material: Handmade Mulberry Paper
Treatment/Process: Mulberry / Semi-Raw
Absorbency: Less absorbent than raw xuan papers and can handle wet-on-wet techniques
Dimensions: Cut Sheets (16" x 24")
No. of Sheets: Available in 6 Cut Sheet Packs or 12 Cut Sheet Packs

Aging in our warehouse since 1996, this semi-sized paper is made from raw materials that are almost impossible to find in a hand made paper at this price.

The paper handles moisture predictably and ideally for wet-on-wet techniques. This makes it excellent for landscape painting or any subjects where wash techniques will be used. These types of papers are also the most popular choice for Lingnan style painters.

The most unique characteristic of this paper is it's ability to handle moisture without excess bleeding while still showing vibrant colors. Usually moisture control and color display are a trade-off that must be made. Papers like Vintage Mulberry Paper that defy this rule are special.

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