The Lotus Petal Brush



Tip Dimensions: 1- 11/16" x 3/8"

Type: Combination

Limited quantities so get them while they last! 

With the recent popularity of our Full Lotus Brush, we've gotten another full bodied combination brush in an even more practical size. Our new Lotus Petal Brush is the perfect brush for people who like doing single brush painting (an entire painting completed with just a single brush).

The brush is similar in size to a large Flow brush but with a fuller body and a bit more bounce. Being a combination brush, it shines doing the fuller shape strokes used for leaves, flowers and animal painting.

With a bit more bounce than the large Flow, it is also a very competent brush for painting lines, even lines that finish in a point! This will be your new favorite, "do anything" brush. Super versatile and an absolute pleasure to paint with.

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