OAS's Combo Set: Suggested Color Combinations


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Maries watercolors are the most popular Chinese brand. The good: it's economical, lots of teachers use them in the classroom and they offer stability in wet-mounting. The bad: it lacks the intensity of Western brands, using the colors straight from the tube without blending with others, the shade can appear to be harsh and the packaging is weak.

Lingchi has developed some color combinations to go with your purchase of OAS's Combination Set.




Brushes* (Recommendations):

  • Happy Dot (H1C).
  • Small Flow (C2C).
  • Orchid Bamboo M (H2C).
  • Large Flow (C2D).


Ink and Colors**:


Paper (Recommendations):

  • Dragon Cloud (P50H).
  • Single Shuen (P10).
  • Ma (P06).
  • Double Shuen (P25BL).
  • Dragon Cloud Vermillion Grass (P52H).


* These four brushes are available in the Premium Artist Brush Set (PBSET01).

** If a Maries Watercolor is sold out, consider getting Bright Light Watercolors (CS10).

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