Dragon Cloud Paper



Yun-long or Dragon Cloud are semi-sized papers. These papers, with their longer fibers, give artists the ability to paint wet-on-wet. A common use for these papers is painting landscapes with washes, clouds, mists and waterfalls.

It's great for beginners as it's quite forgiving to moisture and shows color brilliantly; while advanced artists will love its ability to play with multiple washes and its handling of overlapping strokes.

Masters of the Ling-nan School have favored this paper for years. Dragon Cloud gives a special texture to lines and allows for smooth color blending. OAS Dragon Cloud paper, is a whiter paper that has longer, prominently visible fibers showing throughout its surface.

Dragon Cloud is a versatile, textured paper, appropriate for landscapes, animals, plants, print-making, paper-craft, mixed-media, lamp making, etc.


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