Single Shuen (Xuan)

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Usage: Single-ply shuen (xuan) paper for artists who like a paper that is sensitive to moisture. Ideal for flowers, bird and animal painting.
Paper Material: Shuen (xuan) Paper
Treatment/Process: Raw
Absorbency: Sensitive to moisture, bleeds, requires quick brush movement
Dimensions: Full sheets: 54-1/2" x 27-1/4", sample sheet: 11" x 8- 1/2" 
No. of Sheets: Available in 10 Sheets or 100 Sheet Packs
Additional Information:

  • *As of August 31st 2017, OAS has a new shipment of Single Shuen. This paper, formerly known as OAS "Best" Shuen is now selling the 100 Sheet packs with our new shipment. We still have remaining stock of 10 sheets.

  • Quantities of 10 Sheets are rolled and wrapped with brown corrugated paper at OAS. 100 Sheets have soft folds from the manufacturer in four different spots, then wrapped with a decorative natural color unryu paper and placed in a plastic re-sealable bag.

Shuen Paper (Xuan Paper) is the most popular paper in China among brush painters and calligraphers. It is the most sensitive of the rice papers, cheerfully displaying dynamic strokes and complex shade variations with translucent fluidity and original spontaneity.

We carry many variations of raw shuen paper, each with their own unique characteristics.

Single Shuen (formerly Best Shuen), is a fine one-ply rice paper treasured by masters of Chinese brush painting and calligraphers.This slightly translucent paper offers a smooth surface for those experienced artists who demand the utmost fluidity and swiftness in their strokes. It offers the most vivid color display and stroke variation, but, is quite sensitive to moisture.

Single Shuen is the most sensitive of all the Shuen papers and allows the best color variation to show, provided that you learn the skills to control your moisture and apply quick brushstrokes. Without these skills Single Shuen can be frustrating to work with. Too much water, grainy colors, sluggish strokes will all show. Experienced brush painters affectionately call Best Shuen "honest" paper because if you excel it will show your work proudly, if you struggle it will tell the tale.

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