Three Free Videos for this Holiday Mashup Weekend

Happy Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day!

Today is officially the first day of the Chinese New Year celebration! I went fishing this morning at a lake in Fountain Valley and was surprised to hear the sound of firecrackers going off at 8AM?! Asian owned business were opening for Chinese New Year and setting off bricks of firecrackers to celebrate.

Three Free Videos

Ling Chi has been busy and she offers as part of this Holiday mash up celebration three new, free videos. There is a calligraphy video featuring the word "Fortune"  or 福 (Fú). This is one of the most popular words used for Chinese New Year celebrations. 

Then she follows up with two videos that can get you in the mood for Valentines Day. She offers an easy to follow, simple red rose painting lesson along with a calligraphy lesson for the word "love".

We hope you enjoy the videos and have a Happy Chinese New Year celebration and Valentine's Day!

Featured Materials



Lesson: Fortune and Longevity Calligraphy Lesson

Brush: Large Double Happiness

Paper: Red Banner Paper

Ink: Best Bottle Ink



Full Lotus Brush For Petals, Leaves and Stem
Mountain Horse Fine For thorns

Paper: Vintage Single Shuen

Colors: 12 Color Ideal Companion Watercolor Set

Write the word for "fortune" or 福 (Fú) in Chinese Calligraphy

Easy Red Rose Lesson for Valentine's Day

Write the word for "love" or 愛 (Ài) in Chinese Calligraphy

Painting tips

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