Free Waterfall Video, Free Bamboo Class And New Spring Classes

Simple landscape demonstration by Ning Yeh on Semi-Sized Shuen Paper

New Free Landscape Video by Ning Yeh

It has been a while since we've had something new from Ning Yeh and we are so excited that he decided to film this simple waterfall demonstration.

Ning reveals some wonderful tricks and techniques for painting waterfalls and mountains in Chinese landscape painting.

Featured Materials

Paper: Semi-sized Shuen Paper

Brush: Wash Brush (Ning uses a large one, we recommend 3" for students)

Colors: Ning uses OAS Chinese Yellow (in chunks) mixed with Indigo to make a light green and a dark green. The more indigo is used, the darker the shade of green will be. 

Ink: Best Bottle Ink

Paint Tulip with Lorean on February 27th

Lorean is teaching interactive lessons online using Ning Yeh's books as source material. Ning Yeh has published many incredible and effective lessons but it always feel better to be guided through these by a live teacher who can answer questions and lead the way.

Studying with Lorean not only produces the immediate gratification of making a wonderful painting but also has the potential to empower self study in the future using Ning Yeh's lessons and books.

Tulip with Lorean
Date and Time
Saturday Februarty 27th, 1PM-3PM PST

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Free 2 Hour Intro to Brush Painting Class by Leigha Nicole for the First 10 OAS Email List Members Who Sign Up

Leigha Nicole posing with her teacher Ning Yeh at an OAS Teacher Training Workshop alongside a bamboo painting by Leigha.

We can't believe the generosity of this offer by Leigha!

She is offering a FREE, 2 HOUR CLASS Intro to Brush Painting Class focused on Bamboo. This is an exclusive class being made available only to members of the OAS Email list and is limited to the first 10 people who sign up!

If you've been sitting on the sidelines wondering if learning brush painting interactively online is for you, then wait no further!

Date and Time
Sunday March 7th, 11AM-1PM PST

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Intro to Brush Painting 3 Class Series on Bamboo

Leigha also is following up her free Intro to Brush Painting class with a 3 session Intro to Brush Painting series that offers a deeper dive into Bamboo, the most iconic and popular subject in Chinese Brush Painting. Her 3 session series is planned for Sundays in March.

3 Class Series on Bamboo
Date and Time
Sundays March 14th, 21st, 28th, 11AM-1PM PST

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Mayee Futterman Releases Spring Courses

Mayee has established a well deserved reputation as an effective and inspiring Brush Painting teacher. Her proprietary "Live On-Line (LOL)" format is helping brush painting students all over the world produce jaw-droppingly beautiful paintings that are both informed by Mayee's instruction and unique to the personal style of the student.

Her two courses for the Spring are Fruits and Veggies in April and Mini Divas in May!

The planned subjects are stunningly beautiful and Mayee's proven class format and instruction make it possible for you to do your own version of these gorgeous paintings!

Date and Time
Fridays: April 9th, 16th, 23rd, and 30th
AM Session 9:30AM-12:30PM PST  |  PM Session 6PM-9PM PST

Sign Up or Find Out More About Mayee's Fruits and Veggies Course

Date and Time
Fridays: May 7th, 21st, 28th, and June 4th
AM Session 9:30AM-12:30PM PST  |  PM Session 6PM-9PM PST

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Saturday Sessions with Mayee Soon through HBAC

There will also be Saturday options for both Fruits and Veggies and Mini Divas available through HBAC. Enrollment opens on March 9th! Remember the date or follow Mayee on Facebook or Instagram or signup for her email list or stay tuned!

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