Material List for March 24th, 2023 Virtual Office Hours

Basics of Gong-bi (Chinese Fine Line) Painting Virtual Office Hour Materials List

Materials for March 24th, 2023

For your convenience, we've compiled the list of materials needed for this upcoming Virtual Office Hours. If you would like to buy all the materials together, click here.

Material List:





We will be exploring the following subjects:

Which brushes and paper are best for Gong-bi (Fine Line), what techniques are used for line work and shading, how to produce 3D dimension with shading, what subjects beginners should start with, and a Q&A at the end!

    This is an Online Event: (Friday, March 24th, 2023 - 3PM PT) 
    Place any order before 3/24/23 to automatically be sent an invitation link.

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