Shimmer 'Sized' Xuan*

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Usage: Fine Line, Gong-bi School of Painting,
Paper Material: Xuan Paper
Treatment/Process: Fully Sized / Processed
Absorbency: Low-Absorbency. Colors do not absorb easily, making this paper perfect for fine line/gong-bi painting where you use multiple washes to achieve color variation.

  • Cut Sheets: 18" x 27" approximately
  • Full Sheets: 27" x 54" approximately

No. of Sheets: Available in 6 Cut Sheets, 5 Full Sheets, and 100 Full Sheets
Additional Information: Shimmer Xuan is specifically crafted for Fine Line/Gong-bi School of Painting 

Shimmer Xuan (Shuen) is currently our premium grade sized xuan. It is a fully sized xuan paper. Sized xuan is custom-made for the Fine Line (Gong-bi) School of Painting. The sizing gives the artist the ability to apply layer after layer of color.

Sizing reduces absorbency. It is a good choice for artists who wish to go over a wet stroke, or to avoid bleeding. Sized paper is ideal for washed background. It gives a special texture for lines.

Shimmer Xuan is slightly creamy in color and fairly transparent but thicker than Cicada. Beginners may find it difficult to see through the paper if they're tracing their work. The application of the sizing leaves tiny crystals on the surface of the paper so that it has a slight shimmer quality to it.

It offers a smooth, consistently non-absorbent surface on which to paint. This paper handles repetitive shading with consummate ease.

* As of July 24th, 2020, OAS has started selling a new batch of Shimmer Xuan. All samples purchased prior to this date either alone or part of a sampler package will not reflect characteristics of this current batch. 

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