Looking Forward to Spring and Peony, the King of Flowers

Chinese Brush Painting: An Instructional Guide. There is an excellent peony lesson in this book. View a full video book review of Chinese Brush Painting: An Instructional Guide

Looking Ahead to Spring

We have been reminded by recent events that most of the country is very much experiencing the cold of winter but some artists are already looking ahead to the Spring.

Savvy artists are always practicing ahead of the season. This way, by the time the season actually comes around and the public is ready to express the season, the artist is already practiced and will many times have finished works to show resulting from the earlier practice.

Plenty of Time for the Significant Peony

Now is a great time to think about Peony. Peony blooms in the late Spring and stays relevant into the summer. Starting to work on Peony now will give you plenty of time to practice and finish some paintings which you can have ready to share by the time Peony fever hits the public at large.

Peony is an iconic and deeply symbolic flower in Chinese culture. It is considered the "King of Flowers" and its majestic beauty is symbolic of feminine beauty and material wealth and status. The flower is celebrated with a huge festival in the city of Luoyang every year in mid April.

Peonies in the foreground with a traditional Chinese Pavilion or 亭 (tíng)  in the background

New, Free Video: Peony on Semi-sized Paper

Brand new, free peony video on semi-sized Shuen Paper by Ling Chi

Featured Materials From Lesson

Full Lotus Brush (for Strokes)
Flow Brush (used clean for pulling and fading strokes after application)

OAS Semi-sized Shuen Paper

12 Color Ideal Companion Set

Best Bottle Ink

Porcelain Water Bowl
Porcelain Blending Plate
Square Porcelain Ink Dish
Painting Felt

Peony in Gong-bi Style Lesson Booklet

Quality instruction for Chinese Fineline or Gongbi painting is difficult to find. Ling Chi and Ja-shin have collaborated to make a number of fineline lessons that are both beautiful and easy to follow.

These lessons have a well earned loyal following amongst our OAS Extended Family of customers.

WSF0001  Gong Bi "Fine Line": Peony  $8.50

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How to Get the Close Up Poppy Lesson as a Free Gift with Purchase

In our last email, we featured a free waterfall demonstration by Ning Yeh. In this demonstration Ning, uses a large wash brush (we recommend 3") to paint the strokes for the mountains and the waterfall.

The same brush can be used to do this Close Up Poppy Lesson by Ning Yeh. This brush pairs very well with our Semi-sized Shuen Paper.

Place any order of $50 or more and choose this Close Up Poppy lesson or any other lesson in our library of gift lessons as a free gift with purchase.

Look at the video below for instructions on how to add a free gift lesson to any order of $50 or more.

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