Landscape: Waterfalls Lesson


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4 pages

OAS brings back one of Ning Yeh's lesson on waterfalls featuring the use of OAS's Ideal Companion Watercolor Set and Biff brush. This lesson includes a full color page of the finished composition on the cover, text featuring preparation of colors and steps to complete the line and texture of the mountains and tree and coloring for the trees and foliage and mountains and rocks. A line diagram is included to illustrate the line and texture work for the base of the landscape such as the mountains and trees. Then a paint by diagram illustration features the placement of each color and shade. Enjoy!





  • Mountain Horse Fine (H2J) or Mountain Horse Medium (H2J).
  • Small Flow (C2C) or Idea (H2A).
  • Biff Small (C4C).


Ink and Colors:

  • Ideal Companion 8-color Set (CS02).
  • Best Bottle Ink (I04).



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