BIFF Brush


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Usage: Bamboo Trunks, Rocks, Mountains, Landscape Elements 
Hair Type:
Specialty (Combination)
Tip Dimensions: 

  • BIFF Small:  1-1/8" x 5/8" approximately
  • BIFF Large:  1-1/4" x 3/4" approximately

Overview and Description

These combination brushes are great for doing wet or dry style tree trunks, thick vines, and, texture strokes for mountains, rocks, and cliffs.

They feature a compact multitude of short stiff hairs that give the brush a lot of body. When the bristles are separated and spread, they turn 'punk-rocker'. You can strike your paper to create spectacular foliage, moss, and all kinds of coarse textures effortlessly. When the bristles are squeezed together and flattened, they dynamically enable you to paint bamboo trunks.

The Biff brushes are available in two sizes, small and large.

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