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Three Simple Landscapes

The Chinese word for landscape is 山水 (shān shuǐ). Literally translated, it means mountains and water. The allure of Chinese Landscape painting is undeniable but often the complexity of the compositions of master artists can be expansive and intimidating.

The wonderful thing is many of the key techniques can be learned in the context of three simple compositions. In this session we cover the following:

  • A simple composition featuring a mountain and structure
  • A simple composition featuring a pine tree and moon
  • A simple composition featuring mountains and a water fall
  • Brush and paper choice for Chinese landscape painting
  • Ink and color choice for Chinese landscape painting
  • Line work, shading, texture, and wash techniques for Chinese landscape painting
  • Questions and answers and much more!

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What Are Virtual Office Hours?

Virtual Office Hours are Live Online discussions on a variety of subjects related to brush painting and calligraphy that include brief demonstration and time allotted for questions and answers by our participants.

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