Materials List for Our Upcoming Virtual Office Hour Event: 3 Simple Landscapes

Materials List

We are very excited for our upcoming Virtual Office Hour Session focusing on 3 Simple Landscapes. Please find a materials list below for those who want to paint along with the session.

Lingchi will be using a Vintage Pi Paper that is 15 years old and packages in 12 cut sheet (18.75" x 14.25") packages for $12

Best Bottle Ink

Line Brush like Mountain Horse Fine or Pine Needle

2 Shape Brushes (Combination brushes) like Full Lotus or Large Flow. One will be used for apply color/strokes the other will be used for pulling or fading.

Wash Brush (3") or larger.

Option 1: Chinese yellow chunk, Chips: Indigo, Sky Blue, Red, Vermillion

Option 2: Bright Lights Chinese Watercolor Tubes: Indigo, Yellow, Mid Yellow, Vermillion, Red

Option 3: Kuretake 36 color set

Color choices are flexible. You may use your another option using the general stated colors as a guide.

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