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Length of Recording: 90 minutes, approximately

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Spontaneous Ink Backgrounds (Suminagashi and Ink Pouring)

We are very excited to be covering these popular (but often mysterious) techniques / art forms! Our next Virtual Office Hour Event will focus on Suminagashi (Marbling) and Ink Pouring as a way to create unique and spontaneous backgrounds for your Asian Painting.

We plan to cover:

  • What is Suminagashi (Marbling)?
  • What is ink pouring?
  • The mechanics and basic technique of Suminagashi and Ink Pouring
  • Material selection (paper, ink, brushes and other tools)
  • Participants are encouraged to try both techniques during the session (view the materials list here).
  • How to use these techniques to make backgrounds for painting?
  • Questions and answers and much more!

What Are Virtual Office Hours?

Virtual Office Hours are Live Online discussions on a variety of subjects related to brush painting and calligraphy that include brief demonstration and time allotted for questions and answers by our participants.

For a limited time, purchase access to any of the past sessions as a recording. Or add it to your cart as a qualifying gift lesson with a minimum purchase of $50 or more.


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