Happy New Year: Monkey Lesson 2



The monkey is the ninth creature in the Chinese zodiac. OAS works with Ning Yeh to provide material use, diagram and stroke illustration to paint these playful monkey compositions. We also pair this lesson by working with Ling Chi Yeh in learning how to write "monkey" in Chinese too!





  • Small Flow (C2C).
  • Large Flow (C2D).
  • Mountain Horse Small (H2H).


Ink and Colors:

  • Best Bottle Ink (I04).



  • Monkey Painting:
    • Premium "Jade Plate" Double Shuen (P27A-9) or Double Shuen (P25BL).
    • Pi Paper (P11A-2).
  • Calligraphy Lesson:
    • Calligraphy Grid Paper (P03C).
    • Red Shuen [Optional] (P04RD).

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