Mayee Futterman's Western/Chinese Combo Set (RECOMMENDED)

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There are three different art material sets that have been configured by Mayee Futterman for her Chinese Brush Painting workshops. We are pleased to offer a student discount for the sets. SELECT ONLY ONE.

If you do not wish to purchase an entire set and prefer to buy them individually, please click on the item and add it to your cart.


The best of both worlds, this selected combination of Western and Chinese colors provides the best quality, intensity, depth, texture, and convenience. The colors are tried and tested on rice paper. They are long-lasting and a small amount goes a long way. This is the set I use and highly recommend.

Set A Includes:

    For an additional $30, you can upgrade the PreSeries Brushes in this set to the Premium Artist Brush Set. Simply click on the ˅ arrow under "Material:" or click here to automatically upgrade your brush set.

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