Marbling: A Technique with OAS Mounting Paste



After Jashin hosts her first Painting Party ever at OAS, she documents one of two lessons she shared as a host.

Using a simple ratio OAS Mounting Paste powder to a tray of distilled water, she thickens her marbling bath so that it allows her more control of manipulating color patterns on the surface of water thereby enabling her to pick up imprints of beautiful designs on a variety of different OAS Papers.





  • Several Mixing Brushes (WC1).


Ink and Colors:

  • Boku Undo Marbling Set (WC-AI-S).
  • Best Bottle Ink (I04).


  • Any OAS paper will work, they all yield slightly different results.



  • Two Trays (ACMT). 
  • Mounting Paste (M1A).
  • Ox gall (WCOT01).
  • Spray Bottle (GS400).
  • Alum (optional).
  • Ammonium.
  • Distilled Water.
  • Comb, toothpicks, fork, hair pick, feather, etc. (to manipulate patterns).
  • Felt (FELTW) or newsprint (to dry finished works).

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