Boku Undo Marbling Set



With the use of ordinary household utensils, the simple technique taught in this set enables anyone to enjoy the endless variations of marbling. The set features six 12ml bottles of special marbling dye which adheres to paper, cloth, hide, wood, or virtually any material that will soak up water. Directions and design ideas are also included.

This color set is for the enthusiast who desires to do marbling or suminagashi as its own art medium. The dye after it adheres to the media of choice will alter the media properties rendering it to be challenging to work with combining Sumi-e and/or Chinese brush painting with the marbleized art.

For those interested in incorporating suminagashi/marbling with their Sumi-e, Chinese brush painting and calligraphy, please check out OAS' recommended Americana Multi-Surface Satin colors.

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