Ink Play: Techniques with OAS Zen & Feng



Enjoy the spontaneity of ink when you stack either two sheets of OAS Zen or OAS Feng paper and apply strokes in the form of ink washes. Separate the two sheets when you think you're finished with your play and see what unfolds on the back sheet. Two paintings in one sitting!

Ning demonstrates the technique to the OAS Staff to teach us the nuances of the paper and we decided to do a mini lesson to share the details!





  • Phoenix Brush (C8).
  • Wash Brush 4.5" (F6).


Ink and Colors:

  • Best Bottle Ink (I04).



  • Feng (PJ01).
  • Zen (Discontinued).



  • 3 Ink dishes (CW30A) for different ink tones.

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