Feng Paper


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Usage: Chinese Brush Painting, Sumi-e, Ink Painting
Paper Material:
Japanese Machine-Made Rice Paper
Raw / Unsized
 Offers better moisture control than our Practice Roll while still being a raw paper.

  • 20 Cut Sheets: 10" x 15" approximately
  • 100 Cut Sheets: 10" x 15" approximately
  • 10 Full Sheets: 31" x 43"
No. of Sheets: Available in 20 Cut Sheets, 100 Cut Sheets, and 10 Full Sheets
Additional Information:
Feng Paper is a vintage paper that has the quality of a double xuan practice paper with the consistency of a machine-made paper.
Cut sheets will come packaged flat. Full sheets come rolled. (See images)

Overview and Description

The Chinese and Japanese word "feng" means to give or present with respect. Often the word is used for "Imperial."

In essence this paper possesses a quality to the Japanese fit for the Emperor to do his painting and writing. It portrays beautiful color that masters will appreciate and ease of moisture control that beginners will love. Best of all, the paper is machine made from a Japanese pulp recipe offering consistency from one batch to another.

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