Black Cat in Moonlight by Ning Yeh


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Seasonally festive, accessible, and striking, this brand new gift lesson features a secret, easy technique for rendering any subject against a misty moon!

The following brushes are used:
OAS Flow Brush for cat's eyes and face 
OAS Large Flow for cat's body  
Small Mountain Horse for cat's whiskers  
4.5" Wash Brush for background effect to create moon silhouette and wash  OAS Phoenix Brush for moon coloration  

The paper is Pi Paper or Jen Ho Paper  

Ink and Colors are:
Best Bottle Ink Cat and Moon Silhouette + mist
Chinese Chunk Yellow Moon Color
Vermilion Chips Moon Color Accent
Purple Background Wash Accent: Windsor Violet + Perylene Violet + Green (Chinese Chunk Yellow + Indigo)

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