What is Shuen or Xuan Paper?

Shuen and Xuan Paper:

"Shuen" and "Xuan" are different spellings for the same type of paper. This is the original type of paper used for Chinese Brush Painting and Calligraphy and is named after the region where the paper was historically produced. Xuan paper is smooth, absorbent paper with faint lines in the paper that result from the process by which the paper is made (typically by hand). It comes commonly in two different thicknesses. Single Xuan is more sensitive to moisture and shows the best color. Double Xuan is more forgiving with moisture but shows color less vibrantly.

Xuan paper is most commonly raw or untreated but it can also be treated with sizing (an alum coating) to make the paper more moisture resistant. Along with the various forms of raw Xuan paper like Single Xuan, and Premium Jade Plate Double Xuan that OAS sells we also offer these treated Xuan papers like Semi-sized Xuan and fully sized papers like Glass paper and Shimmer Xuan.

Most Popular Double Xuan Paper

Most Popular Single Xuan Paper

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