Vintage Gold Speck Shuen, 3.5" Wash Brush and Video Book Review

Simple goldfish painting on vintage gold speckle shuen

Vintage Gold Speckle Shuen

We have a batch of Vintage Gold Speckle that we are offering in cut sheets (18"x27").

Something about this paper gives it slightly more moisture resistance than modern Gold Speckle Shuen. It may be the age, it may be the process by which the gold is applied. Whatever it is, we notice the color vibrancy of a single shuen but slightly more moisture resistance. This makes the paper easier to work with.

Painting on this paper give your work a feeling of luxury and antiquity.

We are selling:

  • 6 Cut Sheets for $9 
  • 12 Cut Sheets for $15

We have a small library of example work posted on our blog.

Get Some While Supplies Last

New 3.5" Wash brush

New 3.5" Wash Brush

The number on the handle says 3 but we measured and it is really 3.5". We have about 40 of leaves left. So get them while supplies last.

Wash brushes are useful for doing background washes, large bamboo trunks, textures, and even entire paintings in a wonderfully loose, abstract, and free style. This particular brush is slighty nicer than the more commonly available ones.

Also called a Hake brush, it is an absolutely useful tool for your brush collection.

F5-35: $16

Get One While Supplies Last

We have a new video book review on Oshi Yang's famous book Flower and Birds: A Perspective. It is a very detail instructional book from a modern master painter who is like an ambassador for a very influential style of Chinese Painting called Lingnan Style. We kick off our focus on Lingnan style with this book review. We'll dive in deeper next week!

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