New Vintage Gold Speckle Shuen

We have a batch of Vintage Gold Speckle shuen that we are offering in cut sheets (18"x27").

Something about this paper gives it slightly more moisture resistance than modern Gold Speckle Shuen. It may be the age, it may be the process by which the gold is applied. Whatever it is, we notice the color vibrancy of a single shuen but slightly more moisture resistance. This makes the paper easier to work with.

Here are some simple paintings on the paper:

Close up Flower with ink:

close up flower in ink on vintage gold speckle paper

Grass Orchid in color:

grass orchid in color on Vintage Gold Speckle Shuen

Plum Blossom in color:

plum blossom in color on vintage gold speckle shuen

Simple landscape with farmer and buffalo:

simple landscape with farmer and buffalo

Get some now while supplies last.


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