Snowy Egret on Khaki Shuen Paper

Free Video: Ling Chi demonstrates a Snowy Egret on Khaki Shuen (Xuan) Paper

Snow Egret Demo with Moisture Control Tips

Ling Chi offers this fun and simple Snowy Egret demonstration and mini lesson. 

Make sure you pay close attention as she offers a couple secret moisture control tricks. The first is to make a glue water solution by taking some water soluble glue like Liberty Glue and adding some water to make a glue water. When you are doing strokes that require precise moisture control like bird beaks or legs, you load glue water onto your brush rather than water. The glue water will make the strokes much less likely to bleed.

The second trick is to add Dr. Martin's Bleed Proof White on the tip of the white strokes used for the egret's head, body, and feathers.

Follow along with Ling Chi as she shows you how paint confidently on colored single shuen (xuan) papers like our Khaki Shuen.

Featured Materials

Mountain Horse Fine (beak, legs, head and beak accents)  ADD TO CART
Pre Happy Dot (eyes and crown of beak)  ADD TO CART
Flow Brush (head and body)  ADD TO CART
Orchid Bamboo Medium (wing and tail feathers)  ADD TO CART
Full Lotus Brush  ADD TO CART 
Large Flow Brush  ADD TO CART (inner dark wing accents, perching rock)

Khacki Shuen (Xuan) Paper  ADD TO CART

12 Color Ideal Companion Water  ADD TO CART
Dr. Martin's Bleed Proof White  ADD TO CART

Liberty Glue (for making glue water)  ADD TO CART

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