Pumpkin from 108 Flowers Book 4

Pumpkin Painting by Ning Yeh from his book, 108 Flowers Book 4

108 Flowers Book 4 by Ning Yeh

142 pages, English

Ning Yeh publishes yet another step-by-step illustration of one hundred and eight different flowers to his already extensive instructional collection. 108 Flowers by Ning Yeh is being described by one of his A+ students as being an "Encyclopedia" to painting flowers for the Chinese Brush artist!

Ning starts with an introduction of material and flower painting basic. Each flower subject has step-by-step notes on color preparation, brush use and composition detail. Ning introduces each flower lesson with a picture of the finished painting, an original by Ning Yeh, accompanied with the English name of the flower and its Chinese name and meaning. He details each stroke on the original painting with numeric sequence in step-by-step fashion. Follow his notations and you will complete twenty-seven different subjects and thirty-one completed compositions from beginning to end.

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Betty Clayton

Betty Clayton

Fantastic book I have all four. The pumpkin is a fun one to paint at this time of year. The instructions are super and easy to follow. The challenge of mixing colors is well defined.

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