Phoenix And Unicorn Brushes

 Phoenix Brush is Back in Stock!

Due to the shortage of handles, we have a very limited supply of these brushes - if you have been eyeing the Phoenix Brush, grab yours before we run out! 

This brush formerly OAS's biggest brush - a treasure with no equal. Like its namesake, it offers dynamic, bold strokes for large shapes. Hold on to your Phoenix brush and pass it on to future generations.

C8: Phoenix Brush - $90

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Watch this Oriental Poppy Demonstration to see the Phoenix Brush at play

NEW Unicorn Brush!

Longer and fuller than the Phoenix Brush with a less ornate handle that is both lighter and more ergonomic for some hands.

Like the Phoenix, you can use the Unicorn Brush for larger shape strokes like the ones used for Lotus and Iris leaves. Also great for bigger calligraphy pieces or abstract Zen style painting. And don't forget larger animal paintings like horse or panda or when you are doing live demonstrations and want a bigger stroke for improved audience visibility or impact.

CSP09: Unicorn Brush - $90

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New Video Book Review for 108 Flowers Book 3 featuring a number of subjects with large leaves perfect for taking your new Phoenix or Unicorn brush out for a spin!

108 Flowers Book 3

One of the most common uses for large shape brushes like the Phoenix or Unicorn is to paint larger leaf strokes.

108 Flower Book 3 features many subjects with leaves that are begging for a larger brush. These include Hyacinth, Iris, Japanese Iris, Lily of the Nile, Lily of the Valley and Lotus

BKNY03:108 Flowers Book 3 - $24

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Go Big or Go Home!

We've decided to go BIG with this Ink Hibiscus with Gold Lesson! This lesson is a perfect subject for trying out your new brushes. The large petals and leaves will be so addicting you'll want to paint dozens of these! (Don't worry - we give you permission to do just that. 😉)

GLS051: Ink Hibiscus with Gold Lesson - $6.95 (Free with qualifying purchases for a limited time!)

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Get One Brush + Free Ink Hibiscus Lesson

If you're already planning to buy a brush, you might as well get a free lesson! We're offering two bundles: 

C8: Phoenix Brush - $90
GLS051:  Ink Hibiscus with Gold Lesson - Free with Purchase (reg. $6.95)


CSP09: Unicorn Brush - $90
GLS051:  Ink Hibiscus with Gold Lesson - Free with Purchase (reg. $6.95)

Or Make Your Own Order of $50+ and Choose Your Own Gift Lesson (1 free lesson for $50 spent)

We have a large library of helpful, easy, and inspirational lesson booklets and you can choose one free lesson for ever $50 or materials purchased. Simply follow the steps below:
  • Add items to your cart totaling $50 or more
  • Go to our library of gift lessons by navigating Shop>Lessons and filtering for Gift lessons (checkbox in the upper left hand corner)
  • Add one lesson per $50 of order amount
  • The cart will automatically apply a discount awarding the lessons as free gifts with purchase
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