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Twig Brush is Back in Stock!

The Twig Brush is back in stock - grab yours while supplies last!

The brushes' relatively short, full bodies allows you to set a consistent amount of pressure in a line stroke and to paint it with the kind of uniform thickness that good line strokes require. The Twig Brush has a clever tip for fine lines and tapering line strokes like the Double Happiness and does smaller line or bones strokes with ease like the Small BIFF.

HSP10 Twig Brush $15
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HSP10B  Big Twig Brush  $22
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Ling Chi demos a Grass Orchid with the Orchid Bamboo Brush and Twig Brush

Painting Grass Orchid with the Orchid Bamboo Brush and Twig Brush

Another great brush for painting Orchids is our Orchid Bamboo Brush. These brushes are made of stiff, hard hairs that feature a sharp tip and offer amazing bouncing resilience for lines, sharp blades and anything that comes to a point. OAS' Orchid Bamboo brushes are the best all-purpose brush for lines or blade-like strokes.

Medium is the most popular size and our recommended size for most people. Small is easier to control while the large is the most versatile over time.

H2E: Orchid Bamboo Small $23
 Orchid Bamboo Medium $26
Orchid Bamboo Large $32

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Pre Series Orchid Bamboo Brush

A brush that is excellent quality for the price is our Pre Orchid Bamboo Brush. It is perfect for students or beginners who want to try out brush painting without sacrificing their bank account.

The Pre Orchid Bamboo is the ideal all purpose brush. It is flexible enough to handle both blade like strokes and petals. 

H2PRC: PRE Orchid Bamboo Brush $13

Video Book Review on Fundamentals of Chinese Floral Painting: Orchid V2 by Johnson Su-sing Chow

Fundamentals of Chinese Floral Painting: Orchid V2

Designed to build a firm understanding of the fundamental methods for rendering the Orchid. Artist Chow Su-sing teaches in a step-by-step, illustrative manner, detailing traditional painting techniques.

63 pages, Chinese/English

M002: Fundamentals of Chinese Floral Painting V2: Book of the Orchid by Johnson Su-sing Chow  $15

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Only 7 Copies Left - The What and How of Chinese Painting by Annie Chen

A good book for beginners that feels both like an overview introduction as well as provided some very practical lessons on each subject that are both sufficiently deep while still being accessible. It is especially helpful for those who are not Chinese-speakers but want to appreciate the art, since the text is in English.

Artist Annie Chen demonstrates how to render several subjects, using clear sequential instructions, foundation drawings and completed compositions for reference. Subjects include flowers and birds, the four gentleman, and landscapes.

Dimensions: 8.25" x 5.75"
200 pages, English 

M097: The What and How of Chinese Painting by Annie Chen  $14

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Video Book Review of The What and How of Chinese Painting by Annie Chen

EXCLUSIVE Orchid Gift Lesson - Limited Time Only!

This lesson format is similar to Ning Yeh's 108 Flowers books, but includes more detailed instructions with step-by-step strokes. This lesson includes five different Orchid compositions, making it a 5-in-1 gift lesson!

WS8076: Orchid Lesson - $9.95 (Free with qualifying purchases for a limited time!)

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Get Featured Items + Free Exclusive Orchid Lesson

Are you excited for spring and the warmer weather? Treat yourself with this bundle of Spring Goodies! Not only will you get an essential guide for painting orchid, two core brushes for brush painting, but also a never-before-released lesson by Ning Yeh. What a way to brighten up your day!

If you already have the featured materials, give the gift of brush painting to a friend! Maybe you know someone who has experienced a long winter, or maybe you know someone who would love brush painting as much as you - brighten up their life with the gift of spring!

HSP10  Twig Brush  $15
Orchid Bamboo Medium  $26
Fundamentals of Chinese Floral Painting: Orchid V2  $15
Orchid Lesson Free with Purchase (reg. $9.95)

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