Free Camellia Demonstration by Ning Yeh

Originally Posted: June 24, 2021

108 Flowers Video Lesson

Many of you already own the 108 Flowers Books. For those of you that don't, 108 Flowers is a collection of flower lessons (contained in 4 books) by Ning Yeh that are well composed, accessible, and beautifully satisfying. For those of you that are used to Ning Yeh's earlier books you may have noticed that 108 Flowers does not follow the same instructional format as his earlier books like Chinese Brush Painting: An Instructional Guide and the ABC of Chinese Brush Painting.

The reason for this is two fold:

  1. Ning considers his books to be a progression. He wants people to start with Chinese Brush Painting: An Instruction Guide, then he wants them to paint their way through the ABC of Chinese Brush Painting. By the time they have made their way through those two books he feels confident that if they want to dive deep into Chinese flower painting, they should have the skills necessary to make good use of the 108 Flowers Books.
  2. It is a matter of space. To be able to deliver 108 flower lessons in four books, the format was adopted to be able to give you more compositions in a smaller amount of space.

Camellia Video to the Rescue
For those of you that have the 108 Flower Books and are looking for a little help to be able to actually paint the compositions in the book, the 108 Flower videos lessons are incredibly helpful. Once you've seen the strokes done on video, then the lessons in the book should be easier to follow.

The exciting thing about Chinese flower painting is that the same type of strokes are used for all the different kind of flowers. Once you learn how to do a leaf for a Camellia, the leaves for the other flowers will make so much more sense. Same with the other elements of the flower like petals, buds, stamens, pollen dots, veins etc.


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