Finding Freedom by Working Abstract

Evan Discusses and Demonstrates How to Use Abstract Painting to Find Your Freedom in Brush Painting

Finding Freedom by Working Abstract

We have a video that Evan did a while back showing how you can use a larger brush and playful practice to find the feeling of freedom that attracted many of us initially to Chinese Brush Painting. He even shows you how you can make an abstract painting with a single brush that is both fun, easy and impactful.

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Origins of Painting Lotus Lesson Free with $50+ Purchase

For those of you who like to work abstract our Origins of Painting series are perfect. They walk you through calligraphy in various styles for a word (like Lotus). With each step the rendering gets looser and looser until it becomes a simple abstract painting.

To receive this lesson as a free gift with purchase, simply add it to your cart. Whenever the cart value exceeds $50 (not including the cost of the lesson), the cost of the lesson will be automatically deducted and the lesson will be given as a free gift with purchase.

You can also choose from our large library of gift lessons for other choices. You qualify for one free lesson per $50 order value.

Watch a free video inspired by our Origins of Painting: Lotus Lesson.

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