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Full Lotus Brush - Discover Why This is Ling Chi's New Favorite Brush!

If you've been watching Ling Chi's latest free video demonstrations/mini lessons, you may have noticed that she is using and raving about the Full Lotus Brush!

The Full Lotus is a large combination brush. Combination brushes have softer hairs on the outside surrounding a core of stiffer hairs in the middle. This allows the brushes to do full shape strokes like the ones for flower petals and lotus leaves while at the same time also being able to finish strokes with a point.

Full Lotus is similar in size to the Super Flow with the Super Flow being a tiny bit longer while the Full Lotus is significantly fuller (larger diameter). This fullness allows the brush to carry more consistent moisture throughout a stroke. While doing the long stroke used to make a lotus leaf, the Super Flow will often finish with texture as the moisture in the brush is depleted. While this is often desired, the Full Lotus Brush gives the artist an option to do this larger stroke finishing with consistent moisture.

The other thing that we are finding with these fuller bodied brushes be there extremely full body like the BIFF brushes, or regular full body like the Twig Brushes or even subtly full bodied like the Full Lotus is the extra control these brushes afford when doing bone strokes. These strokes are used for stems and branches and are often nerve wracking because they are typically the last strokes done in a painting when everything else has gone well.

Get a Full Lotus Brush while supplies last and find out why this versatile brush is Ling Chi's New Favorite!

CSP04 Full Lotus Brush $39

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Vintage Double Shuen is Ning Yeh's Favorite Paper for Chinese Flower Painting!

We have a limited selection of this pre-cut sheets of Vintage Double Shuen. Back in the day, we used to call this paper Double Shuen SP and it was Ning Yeh's absolutely favorite paper for flower painting. The majority of the final compositions in his book series 108 Flowers were done on this paper.

Vintage Double Shuen has the moisture forgiveness of a true double shuen but shows colors vibrantly. This combination makes it Ning's favorite choice for Chinese Flower Painting. 

24 Cut Sheets (13.25"x18")
Vintage Double Shuen $24

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Drawing Lotus by Ho Kung-shan

A very unique book that features the work of seven different master artists on the subject of Lotus. Not only do you get a very diverse set of inspiration and some elemental instruction on Lotus but you also get a clearer sense of each of the master's individual style by comparing their work on the same subject

133 pages, Chinese/English

BK11: Drawing Lotus by Ho Kung-shan  $30

Video Book Review on Drawing Lotus by Ho Kung-shan

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Lotus "Ink Play" Lesson by Ling Chi Free with Purchase of $50+

Ling Chi is developing a loyal following with her simple and effective approach to Chinese Brush Painting instruction. This Lotus lessons takes a classic subject and simplifies in with a composition that is both elegant and accessible for artists of any level!

GLS059: Ling Chi's Lotus "Ink Play" Lesson $6.95 (Free with qualifying purchase!)

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Are you excited for spring and the warmer weather? Treat yourself with this bundle of Spring Goodies! Not only will you get an essential guide for painting orchid, two core brushes for brush painting, but also a never-before-released lesson by Ning Yeh. What a way to brighten up your day!

If you already have the featured materials, give the gift of brush painting to a friend! Maybe you know someone who has experienced a long winter, or maybe you know someone who would love brush painting as much as you - brighten up their life with the gift of spring!

CSP04  Full Lotus Brush  $39
Vintage Double Shuen  $24
Drawing Lotus by Ho Kung-shan  $30
Lotus "Ink Play" Lesson  Free with Purchase (reg. $6.95)

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