All About Narcissus - Lesson, Book Review, and Brushes!

ALL NEW Narcissus Gift Lesson - Limited Time Only!

For the first time, OAS has created a lesson on the narcissus/daffodil! Snag this lesson while we are offering it as a gift lesson!

This lesson includes clear, step-by-step instructions for two compositions of the narcissus in hsieh-i(spontaneous) and gong-bi(fine line) styles.

These bright compositions are sure to cheer your spirit! 

GLS058: Narcissus Lesson - $9.95 (Free with qualifying purchases for a limited time!)

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Video book review of Painting the Narcissus by Chen Wen-Ching

Painting the Narcissus Video Book Review

This book by Chen Wen-Ching includes step-by-step guides on painting many different styles of narcissus. Perfect for those wanting to dive deeper into flower painting!

Take a look at our video book review below for a page by page review of this beautiful book.

Q063  Painting the Narcissus  $30

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Limited Stock - Full Lotus Brush

The Full Lotus Brush is the perfect brush for painting with consistency. It's full body supports your stroke by pushing back against you, instead of wobbling beneath your touch. It makes it easy to paint branches or strokes with consistent widths instead of the wide-thin-wide-thin lines. You don't have to worry about holding your brush down with just the right amount of pressure - this brush will do the work for you!

CSP04  Full Lotus Brush  $39

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Limited Stock - Big Twig Brush

The Twig Brush is a hit and has quickly sold out! We do however still have limited quantities of the larger Big Twig Brush.

The Big Twig Brush is the cousin to the Full Lotus Brush. Not only can it be used for gong-bi and hsieh-i styles of painting but it is the perfect brush for adding those last few strokes to your paintings. The last branch. The last stem. The last tendril. Instead of worrying that you'll mess up on the final stroke and ruin the painting, you can relax in knowing that your last stroke will turn out well.

HSP10B  Big Twig Brush  $22

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Free Video Lesson on Narcissus

These two free video lesson by Ling Chi are excellent supplements to our brand new Narcissus Lesson Booklet.

Ling Chi Demonstrates Narcissus in Spontaneous Style

Ling Chi Demonstrates Narcissus in Fineline/Gong bi Style

Get Everything Featured + Free Narcissus Lesson

If you're as crazy about the narcissus as we are, this bundle is perfect for you! It includes two specialty brushes, Painting the Narcissus book, and the two-in-one Narcissus Lesson!

HSP10B  Big Twig Brush  $22
  Full Lotus Brush  $39
  Painting the Narcissus  $30
   Narcissus Lesson   Free with Purchase (reg. $9.95)

Get Everything Featured + Free Lesson

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