Wash Brush


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OAS has wash brushes available in six widths, varying from 1" to 4.5".

The OAS Wash brushes [also known as, and sometimes referred to as, hake brushes] are part of the diverse array of brushes that are designed for specialized purposes.

The wash brush is a flat, wide, short bristled, soft hair brush.

The most obvious use of this type of brush is for applying washes, a smooth, transparent application of color to a large area. However, by loading the brush with ink or color in a special way, painting bamboo trunks becomes a breeze. Use the wash brush in wetting and preparing your paper for a wet-on-wet method of painting, especially landscapes. The wash brush can be used to achieve special background effects, such as clouds and mist, and for softened shading and blending to avoid hard edges.


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