Vintage Sized Xuan (Shuen)

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Usage: Great for beginners who want to try spontaneous brush painting but want a paper with better moisture control.
Paper Material: Xuan Paper
Treatment/Process: Sized / Processed
Absorbency: Low-Absorbency. Not recommended for fine line (gong-bi) painting, but offers better moisture control than many semi-sized or raw papers.
Dimensions: 18" x 27" approximately
No. of Sheets: 5 Cut Sheets
Additional Information:

This one-of-a-kind limited edition paper offers moisture control with vibrant color display and smooth texture. An excellent paper for trying Spontaneous style painting where additional moisture forgiveness is desired and also an ability to manipulate the stroke after initial application is appreciated. This paper is good for artists familiar with Western painting techniques and looking for a paper that will ease the transition into the world of Chinese Painting.

Not recommended for Gong-by or Fine Line painting. For Gong-bi try Shimmer Xuan, Glass Paper, or Cicada

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