Vintage Pi Paper Cut Sheets


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Paper material: Handmade Mulberry
Usage: Chinese Brush Painting, Sumi-e, Calligraphy, Landscape Painting, Wet-on-Wet Techniques, and Ling-Nan Style of Painting
Treatment/Process: Mulberry / Semi-Sized (Sometimes referred to as Half-Ripe)
Absorbency:  Mulberry Paper that acts as a semi-sized paper. Better moisture control while still showing vibrant colors

Dimension: 18¾" x 14¼ approximately
More information: This paper is especially good for wet-on-wet strokes.
Packaging: 12 Cut Sheets

Convenient Cut Sheets of Past Stock Pi paper, aged 15 years.

This is an old batch of our Pi paper that we had cut to the popular convenient size for smaller wet-on-wet workings.


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