Vegetables (V1) - Vegetables, Fruits, Insects & Aquatic Life

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110 pages, Chinese/English

Artist Su Ching Chow gives detailed sequential instructions for rendering vegetables in spontaneous style. Enjoy his lively, bright style of painting. Subjects include Chinese Cabbage (White and Green), Spinach, Pepper (Cayenne, Red Pepper, Chili Pepper, Bell Pepper, Yellow Pepper), Mushroom (Winter, Straw, White), Eggplant (Purple, Short), Spring Onion and Garlic, Lily (Bulb, Flower), Arrowhead, Chinese Water Chestnut, Taro, Radish, Bamboo Shoot (Spring, Winter), Sunflower (Head, Seeds), Rice, Corn (With Stem, In Basket), Lotus Root (Cupule, Sliced, Seeds), Wild Rice (With Shoot and Outer Shell, Shelled with Red Radish) and Water Chestnut (Red, Green, Old).

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