The Unicorn (QiLin) Brush


Sale price$90.00


Usage: Large Shape Strokes, Large Leaves, Large Flower Petals, Animal Paintings, Zen, and Calligraphy
Hair Type: Combination
Hair Group: Traditionally Wolf/Weasel and Goat/Sheep Hair
Tip Dimensions: 3½" x  1⅛"
Description: Our newest oversized shape brush. Large and full for painting big shape strokes like those used for the leaves of Lotus or Iris. Also great for larger animal paintings and for more abstract Zen style painting and larger calligraphy pieces.

Used for the same purposes as our core shape brushes like the Super Flow or Full Lotus, only this brush is significantly bigger.

When comparing with the Phoenix Brush (previously our largest brush), we see that the Unicorn Brush is both longer and fuller. Additional, it has a more practical, less ornate handle that is lighter and more ergonomic for some hands. Good for longer sessions without hand fatigue.

Limited supply, so get one before they are all gone!


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