Ultimate Artist Set



Ultimate Artist Set includes:

  • Book: an Instructional Guide by Ning Yeh;
  • DVD: Chinese Flower Painting 1: an Introduction;
  • 6 brushes: Happy Dot, OAS Flow and Large Flow, Mt Horse Medium, Orchid Bamboo Medium, 2.5" Wash brush;
  • Colors: Chinese Yellow, Indigo, Red & Vermilion Chips;
  • Ink: OAS Best Bottle;
  • Paper: 48 Sheets of Practice Shuen Large;
  • Accessories: Felt (color varies based on availability of inventory), Small Brush Roll, Porcelain Waterbowl, Large Porcelain Flower Plate, Large Stackable Dish Set, Plastic jar with lid for yellow and a Fine Mist Spray Bottle. (Brush Roll pictured has been discontinued and no longer available in the set.)

OAS has put together an Ultimate Artist Set featuring many of the materials Ning uses in his video and DVD Chinese Flower Painting 1: Introduction. This set is perfect for someone getting started with Brush Painting who has the budget to get started with a very ample selection of the finest materials. This set is also great for someone looking to upgrade from the Artist's Set.

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