Twig Brush



Tip Dimensions: 7/8" x 5/16"
Tip Dimensions (Large): 1" x 1/2"

Imagine if the Double Happiness Small and the Small BIFF Brush had a baby. If they ever did, it would definitely be the Twig Brush. Larger than the Double Happiness small and smaller than the Small BIFF, the Twig Brush has a clever tip for fine lines and tapering line strokes like the Double Happiness and does smaller line or bones strokes with ease like the Small BIFF.

These qualities make it a versatile brush with an an unusual amount of control and a "secret weapon" style trick. What is the trick? If you've painted for a little while you can related to the feeling of uncertainty when it comes to painting a line stroke like the one you need for a tree branch or a flower stem.

These strokes are nerve-racking because they are often done as the final stroke on a painting where all the previous strokes have gone well. Now you have to finish the painting with a simple line stroke and your palms start to sweat. Here comes the Twig Brush to the rescue!

The brushes' relatively short, full bodies allows you to set a consistent amount of pressure in a line stroke and to paint it with the kind of uniform thickness that good line strokes require.

Try it! We think that you will love it!

Here is a video featuring the New Twig Brush and the New Whisker Brush!

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