Turning Vine Brush


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Usage: Orchid Petals, Vines, Pine Needles, Animal Fur, Bird Beaks, Detail Strokes
Hair Type: Hard
Hair Group: Traditionally Wolf / Weasel Hair
Tip Dimensions: 1" x 3/16" approximately

A limited edition unique detail brush. The Turning Vine Brush is a hard-hair brush between the size of a Happy Dot Brush and Orchid Bamboo Small Brush.

Say goodbye to split tips! Experience brush painting as it was meant to be and stop getting frustrated by brushes that don't end in a point. This brush begins and ends with a beautiful taper.

The brush is ideal for detailed/tapered strokes such as vines, orchid petals, pine needles, animal fur, and bird's beaks. It is also a great brush for small twigs, giving you wonderful energy in small line strokes. The tip is also very clever and this will become you go to brush for turning line strokes like those used for vines and tendrils!

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