To Paint in Ling-nan Style 3: Landscape, Animals, Figure

SKU: Q011


126 pages, Chinese/English

Learn to paint in the Ling-nan style with artist Lu Cheng-yuan. The Ling-nan esthetic focuses on the communication of emotion through the integration of Western color-theory, psychology, and perspective with traditional Asian brush painting techniques. Lu teaches in clear sequential stages that show how to achieve each completed composition example. Subjects include (1) Landscapes: the Four Seasons, Snow, Wind and Rain, Clouds and Mist, Waterfall, Rosy Clouds of Dawn, Twilight and Moonlight (2) Animals: Mouse, Cat, Dog, Rabbit, Deer, Ox, Ram, Horse, Monkey, Panda, Tiger, Lion (3) Figures: Unsullied Scholar, Zhong-Kui, Bhodi-dharma, Beautiful Ladies, Children, and Women. Also features live photography.

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