Spring 2020 5 DVD Set


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We've put together these 5 DVD titles that cover the original source material by world renowned artist Ning Yeh that inspired Mayee Futterman's Spring 2020 Online classes. Students taking Mayee's classes can own these DVDs by Ning Yeh to augment their class experience or students unable to take Mayee's class can learn the same subjects taught by Ning Yeh in these step-by-step DVDs.

DVDs included in this set are as follows:

DV101-102 Chinese Flower Painting 1: An Introduction (1 hour)
DV303 Chinese Flower Painting 2: Morning Glory (1 hour)
DV503 Chinese Animal Painting: Frog (1 hour)
DV512 Chinese Animal Painting: Peacock (1 hour)
Foxglove from 108 Flowers (20 mins.) (not sold separately in DVD format, available streaming on OASLife.com)

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